Sunday, 14 February 2016


Once upon a time in a Northeast land there lived a man called Mr P, he roamed his land footloose and fancy free, living the bachelor life with little worry or strife.  His days were filled with football, rock n roll, beer guzzling and friday night ironing (this is a true story!).  In another land (16 miles too be exact) not to far away lived a broken young maiden (that's me, obvs), whose life had been turned upside down and all around and had recently returned home to live with her mother.  Life for the maiden had been somewhat traumatic and love was not on her agenda!  Life has a funny way of bringing things together ...

In time long ago courting began on BEBO and MSN messenger (those were the days).  One evening, as the maiden made here way through her BEBO, stalking her friend list she stumbled upon Mr P's profile, of course stalking said profile was compulsory and so the maiden wander over to take a closer look.  My thought the maiden, this young bachelor was handsome, and for some unknown reason the maiden was quite taken by the bachelor.  Later that evening the maiden, acting completely out of character decided to add Mr P to her MSN.  A few days later, after pondering over her actions (and quite frankly her utter disbelief that she had added a complete stranger to her MSN, ps: we had a friend in common) the maiden decided to strike up a conversation with Mr P, to which he responded.  After several weeks of pointless chatter, Mr P asked for the maidens mobile number (about bloody time).  After a few text messages Mr P asked the maiden if she would like to go on a date, a proper date not an MSN date!  The maiden of course obliged!

Love was in the air!  The maiden was excited, nervous and feeling like she was 16 again (actually she was 22, she was feeling 22, your singing Taylor Swift, right?), all week the maiden had been feeling rather nervous. As the date night approached, the maiden was all a panic, nothing to wear, having a bad hair day, what if he thought I was ugly and nothing like my picture (which had been clearly modified!) , what if he HATED ME?!  Despite her concerns the maiden set off to meet the bachelor.... He was 30 minutes late!!!! (WTF, I hear ya!).  The bachelor finally arrived and the date, despite the earlier hiccup went like a dream and the evening was sealed with a KISS (ooh arrr!).

16 months later the maiden moved into the bachelors palace and the bachelor began to change his ways.... the friday night ironing stopped!  The maiden had taken over the palace, filling several of the wardrobes, scattering candles and other homely things and it began to feel like a home.  Three years later the bachelor asked for the maidens hand in marriage, and of course she said YES!!!  The date was set, the plans were underway and a mere 15 months later the bachelor and the maiden said 'I do'.

The maiden became Mrs P, the bachelor became in eligible and the next chapter of the story was about to begin ...

Kirsty x


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