Thursday, 11 February 2016


As a young couple my husband and I had some pretty epic holidays.  We loved to seek out adventure, see the sights, visit the landmarks, sip cocktails by the pool and dance our nights away while watching the sunset.  Our holiday's were nothing short of magical.  

When I found out I was pregnant we knew that our magical, epic holidays would be a thing of the past.  We'd be swapping our sight seeing for baby groups, our landmarks would soon became the nearest play centre and sipping cocktails would be replaced by hot cups of tea by the telly!  Despite our whirlwind change in life, we wouldn't change a thing! 

Now that we are parents a whole new adventure awaits!  Our little one is 18 months and he's full of beans, he loves to be outside, exploring his surroundings and taking one play park at a time!  Our holiday dreams are now made of building sand castles on the beach, eating ice cream in the blazing sun, sitting by the pool with mocktails - ah who we kidding, we're not quite giving up the cocktails yet, wandering around exploring our surroundings and ensuring that our little love has the best time ever! 

Making magical memories for our son is number 1 on our priority list, as a child I didn't have the opportunity to holiday in places abroad that often, I only remember one, but of that holiday I remember how wonderful it was!  Hours spent running in and out of the pool, kids parties, beach adventures and lots and lots of ice cream.  One day I hope that my little love can look back on his holiday adventures and his heart be filled with joy and happiness!

We would absolutely love the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for Mark Warner Holidays, capturing our time through our blog and most definitely documenting the fun on film, our weekly vlogs on Youtube have become a staple in our 'making memories' project, come join us!  Our adventure starts here ...
Kirsty x

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