Monday, 1 August 2016


My little O' turned TWO on Sunday.  It only feels like yesterday that I wrapped him in a blanket, buckled him into his car seat and brought him home.  The last two years have been the fastest of my life, but also the best!  To mark the occasion we threw a party.  I know he is only two but I feel like his birth is something that should be celebrated and so I'll throw him a party for as long as he wants one.

We hired out the local community centre, got ourselves a bouncy castle, some face paints, played some party games and ate loads of sandwiches and cake.

Last year we had the church hall, and Oscar was only crawling.  What a difference a year makes. This year Oscar was right in the middle of it all.  Bouncing around the castle, dancing to party songs and running around like a mad kid, he even sat and had a doggy painted on his face.  He was the cutest little doggy that I'd ever seen!

Our friends and family spoilt him with gifts, and my very talented auntie made his birthday cake.  He had a great time.  The rest of the kids had a blast, and after a few games of musical spots it was time for food, with all of their dancing and playing they needed refuelling.

That's the party planning over for another year!  I absolutely love planning parties and get togethers, my next event will be the halloween party, roll on October!

'H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y    H A N D S O M E S T    B O Y' 


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