Monday, 22 August 2016


Last weekend I nipped into H&M to pick up a present for my niece and they're Autumn/Winter 16 collection had just landed in store.  It's not quite payday yet but I'll be back at the end of the month to pick up a few of these pieces!  H&M are often a hit or a miss for boys stuff, the girls section is always reaming with goodies, however this year I feel like they have really stepped up their boy game. The Bomber jacket is my favourite along with the Dinosaur Sweatshirt.

What's your favourite store for boys clothing?
Kirsty x


  1. Love the dinosaur sweatshirt! I recently picked up a few cute bits there for S. Zara usually have a few nice bits but we get most of S' day to day clothes from Primark or ASDA.

    1. Yes, I am the same Primark is my favourite, Oscar wrecks most of his clothes at nursery so I only buy and use his nice bits on the days he's at home or weekends x


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