Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Ooooh can we all just take a minute to soak in the beauty of that bread!  This is definitely the best one I have baked yet!  It was perfectly cooked, consistency was on point and it tasted insane.  I don't mean to blow my own trumpet but I've been perfecting this bread for a few weeks now.  I think I am finally happy with this recipe.  I have tried a few different recipes but they weren't quite right, so with a tweak here and a tweak their I have devised my own recipe and now I think I'm Mary Berry, someone get me on that bake off! 

One thing that I have been trying to achieve is to be able to keep the bread moist for more than a day, and I have finally cracked it!  I baked this bread last Friday, however it only lasted until Sunday morning, once the hubby got into it there was hardly any left!  I like to add choc chips to my bread, but if you'd prefer not to then you can bake it without.  

This recipe is so quick and easy and can be rustled up in 25 minutes, cooking time is around an hour but after that your good to go!  So give it a try and let me know what you think...


1/2 cup Butter 
1 cup Sugar 
2 Eggs
3 or 4 Banana's
1 1/2 cup Plain Flour
1 teaspoon of Baking Powder
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence 
1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
Pinch of Salt 
1 bag of Choc Chips (optional)


1. Preheat your oven to 180c (gas mark 4) 
2. Mix together the butter & sugar ( I melt the butter a little bit in the microwave)
3. Mash your banana and then add it to the butter and sugar along with your eggs, olive oil, vanilla essence & pinch of salt - give it a good mix
4. Sieve the flour and baking powder into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients and mix well.  (I use an electric hand whisk)  The mixture should be a medium consistency, not runny but not too thick.  Add your choc chips at this point if required.
5. Line a bread tin with a grease proof line or grease proof paper.
6. Spoon the mixture into your bread tin, filling it just over half way.
7. Place the tin into your preheated oven and cook for 45-60 minutes.  Check your bread halfway through. Sticking a knife into the bread and removing it without any mixture on it will indicate that your breads ready! 

Enjoy!  Please let me know if you try it and tag me on Instagram, I'd love to see your bakes! 

Kirsty x


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  1. Yummy. I am chosing to ignore this post. But maybe one day when I have a cheat day i will give this a go. :-) x


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