Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Dear Husband,

It's been four whole years since we said our 'I do's' yet it still feels like yesterday to me.  Our years together have been filled with laughter and fun, learnings and adventures, but most importantly love. On the day we met I could never have imagined that I'd walk away from our first date with someone that I would one day call my husband. Over the years you have made loving you easy, I often hear about the struggles of others and I thank myself lucky for I have found a love that has surpassed my expectations and to this day still blows me away.

When things are tough you make them easy, when days are hard you hug them away, when I need re assurance, you always provide it, no matter you'll say, 'things will always be ok in the end' and I believe it.  You to me are everything...... Always know I love you! 

Happy Anniversary Mr P 
Kirsty x


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