Sunday, 11 September 2016


It's another His Mini Style!  This weekend it's all about Primark and their affordable clothing!  Toddler fashion from £2.90

T-shirt & Chino's - Primark | Shoes - Clark's

Yay, we're back for another weekend of 'His Mini Style', last weekend was jam packed with weddings on both Saturday and Sunday so we couldn't squeeze in any outfit posts and to be honest I was too tired to drag my butt up to the garage door to take a snap or two.

This weekend he is once again head to toe in Primark!  I literally love their kids stuff, it fit's him so well and washes amazingly too!  The trousers were £6 and the t-shirt was a mere £2.90!  I mean at £2.90 why wouldn't I shop there.  He's had this outfit on twice since we bought it and the t-shirt had sauce all over it, a little bit of vanish, a good wash and it's like new.  His shoes are from Clarks, I have to say I bought these out of necessity, I really don't like the Clark's shoes at all, I find them so babyish.  These were the best of a bad bunch and to be fair they do go with most of his clothes. Oscar's feet are still pretty wide so getting regular store shoes to fit him can be really tricky.  

As always we are linking up our post with #weekendtotstyle over on Sarah's blog, This Mama Life. If you have any toddler style posts be sure to head over and link up too!  You can also check out Oscar's last Mini Style post HERE

Kirsty x

This Mama Life


  1. Got to love a garage door and got to love a Primark outfit! That tee is fab - love the print. I feel the same about Clarks. They're what I feel I should buy but rarely ever do because I don't like a lot of the styling - it's a shame :( Thanks so much for linking up with #weekendtotstyle and hope all is well with you! xx

  2. Oscar is such a cute little model. xx


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