Wednesday, 21 September 2016


A week past Sunday I decided to remove one side of Oscar's cot.  I thought he was probably ready to experience being in a 'big boys' bed, I think I thought wrong!  Maybe we weren't ready.  I often make decisions about moving him up a stage and instantly regret it or feel guilty about it. 

So night one, I tell him he's going to sleep in his big boys bed and that it's so exciting.  He's not convinced and proceeds to tell me, "nooooooooo mama, not!"  Oh you are darling (he definitely is), the side is off and Daddy's already in a tizz because I asked him to do some DIY-ing right before the football kicked off.  So we get to the top of the stairs, he takes one look into his room and the little quivering lip is on and I feel awful!  I really thought he'd love it!  It took a good hour on the first night to get him settled.  He didn't get out of the bed as he clearly wasn't sure how. We bought a bed guard to go along the side of the cot to prevent him falling out and he hadn't worked out how to actually escape from the open end.  We eventually got him calm and he drifted off to sleep.  The following morning I half expected him to be in our bed, but he slept all night and like normal he waited for Ian to go into his room and get him for breakfast.  Ian showed him that morning how to exit the bed and that's when it all went wrong.  We are now over a week into the 'big boy bed' saga and he now thinks it's a game.

Night two brought 3 escape attempts, 1 telling off and a cuddle on the rocking chair.  Night 3 and 4 brought even more escape attempts and 1 daddy sitting on the floor until he fell asleep (which took about 10 minutes). We thought we were slowly cracking this... we were wrong!  There he was doing that thing where he lures us into a false sense of security, thinking we've nailed it when really he's played us.  Toddlers are so good at that.

Night 5 was Friday, Ian and I planned a wee at home date night, crisps, dip and the new marvel film. Bed time took the same routine as always, Oscar gets a story, he says goodnight, he heads off to bed, tries to escape a million times and then he eventually falls asleep.   Ian came down stairs just after 15 minutes or so and all was quiet.  Half an hour later I headed up stairs to get my jimmy-jams on, as I approached the bedroom and about to switch the light on, from the bed came a duvet covered, wriggling mound! The little.... had crept into our room and was taking up residence in our bed.  So like Supernanny would I took him back to bed, and so the process began, I persevered for a little while before Ian had to go up and give him a telling off!  Night 7 saw things take a whole new direction.  12.40am, the bedroom door flies open and in he walks, wide awake!  For two hours Ian and I put him back to bed, back and forth, eventually he fell asleep but it was short lived and he was back in our room just before 3am.  I eventually gave in and took him in with me where he fell asleep within minutes.  I scooped him up and put him back to bed.  We were shattered but he was up again at 6am ready for the day.  Last night was day 9 and it followed the same script as day 7.  I've considered putting the cot side back on, but is it worth it?

I feel like we've made our bed (no pun intended) and we now have to lie in it!  Maybe my decision to remove the side was a little premature, but then I believe he would behave like this whenever we removed it.  So, for now we just need to suck it up, persevere and pray that he will eventually stop trying to escape and will once again associate his bed with sleeping and not play time.

If you have any tips on transitioning a toddler from the cot to a bed then please leave them below I'll try anything!

Kirsty x


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