Monday, 12 September 2016


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When will my toddler talk? A question that I have been asking myself for a while now.  Aside from the babbling and the odd random word, I did for a slight minute wonder if my toddler would ever string a sentance together. Of course I was totally overreacting and we had nothing to worry about! Patience has never been my strong point.

Over the last month I feel like we have hit a huge milestone in Oscar's development in terms of his speech.  I worried for a short time that he wasn't developing as fast as he should be.  I now feel guilty that I doubted his ability, you'd think that I'd be well versed by now, all children develop at different rates.  As a mother however, I feel that it's only natural to worry and question these things especially when you see other children of the same age group developing a little quicker. 

Like most of his other development milestones it's been like riding a bike, it's a bit wobbly to start with but once he gets going there is no stopping him!  This is exactly how it's been with his speaking.  At first it was all a bit mumbled and there were only a few words that were clear, Hello, Bye, Mamma, Dada and Buzz, there were also words that only Ian and I could understand (which I kinda loved) but now he's repeating everything... EVERYTHING (must stop swearing).

Before now I would ask him to repeat words and he would look at me blankly or just walk away and ignore me, I now think that was down to frustration on his part, he just didn't know how.  A few weeks after turning two it was like a light switch went on and he started trying to copy and say words that we had never heard him say before.  Now that he has grasped this whole talking thing he literally doesn't shut up!  I really don't mind at all, infact I love it.  I love that he can now express himself, ask me for things (usually cocoa or aye-keem, aka ice cream) or tell me about what he has done or wants to do.

Although in my dreams I wanted to be earth mum, all wooden toys and no TV until he was 18 the reality is that never happened, now its more iPad at 4 o'clock for a bit of peace and Disney films on repeat.  As much as I said I never wanted that for Oscar I do believe that it has in fact played a huge part in his development.  Before he could speak he would watch youtube videos of nursery rhymes and he could do all the actions and he did start to sound out words that he was hearing.  Through Youtube Kids he has also started learning his colours.  I am sure Ian and I as well as the nursery have played a massive part in this also but by watching these videos he's really come on very quickly, they say repetition is the key to remembrance after all.  I listen to him now singing along trying to join in, it's incredibly cute.  Now that he has started his quest to full blown conversations I have no doubt in my mind that in another few months he'll have nailed this speaking thing completely.

So, if like me you expect everything to happen over night don't, because it won't.  Be patient, it will all come together and in the end everything will be ok!



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