Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Why I started and blogging and vlogging and why I share my life online.

I know that blogging and vlogging isn't for everyone and I understand that some people just don't get it.  They don't understand why you'd want to share pieces of your life, or film about having your daily cup of tea, I get it! Not everyone likes golf or sewing but people do it, they do it because it's their hobby and they enjoy it.

For me I see blogging and vlogging like an online scrapbook, I write and film things that I want to remember. The picture above isn't the most flattering but it's a rare moment that was captured and can now be kept forever.  The fact that others want to share and enjoy my scrapbook too is simply an added bonus. I would be lying if I said that I didn't want to be successful with it, I spend a lot of time on my blog and youtube channel, and reaping some reward for it gives me a sense of achievement.

In general I am a nosy person, I love reality TV, and I love seeing what other everyday people get up to.  It's just the same as watching TOWIE or MIC, except it's 100% real.  I like the fact that I can hop onto youtube and go back a year.  Oscar changes daily and instead of looking at a still picture I can watch him.  I've watched Oscar grow from a tiny baby into a cheeky little toddler, I've watched myself and my husband grow, our lives take new directions and I absolutely love it! 

People may think I am off my head speaking to a camera, or taking pictures of my Mac 'n' Cheese, but I am proud of my little blog and youtube channel.  It's taken me some time but I've almost hit 400 subscribers on youtube and that to me is amazing!  I absolutely love it when I get a notification that says someone else has subscribed.  Whether you get it or not it doesn't matter, we all enjoy different things in life and for me this is what I enjoy.  Ultimately I enjoy creating content but most of all I love creating memories and that my lovelies is why I share my life online.  

If you share your life online leave me a comment and let me know why you have chosen to do so.


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  1. I love watching what people get up to in their daily lives as I find it interesting seeing how they spend their time, where they go, what they eat etc. I get why people do it as you say it's like an online memory book and it's good to look back on what was happening the previous year.

    I'm not brave enough to vlog as I think I would feel a bit self conscious about it but I enjoy blogging for now and have met a lot of lovely people through it.

    Denise | The Life of Dee


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