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 Image Credit: Maggie's Grill 

Maggie's Grill, Aberdeen.  If you haven't heard about this little hot spot then I'll assume you've been living under a rock.  This place has been on my radar since the week it opened and I am ashamed to say that it has taken me so long to venture down and try it out! 

Maggie's claim it's home to 'finger licking, freshly cooked BBQ & cajun food at a fair price'.  A huge chunk of their food and drink supplies are locally sourced and they claim that they will not compromise on quality.  I have to say that I love the fact that a lot of their produce is locally sourced, I am delighted to think that my hard earned cash is not just benefiting one local set up but multiple.

We booked a table as I had heard that it can be difficult to get a seat, however we went on Sunday afternoon and it wasn't out the door when we arrived but I imagine if you were looking to visit on a Friday or Saturday night that you'd definitely need to book a table.

The menu is extensive, offering a number of starters, mains and sides.  It took me so long to decided what I wanted as everything literally jumped out at me.  There were several things on the menu that I had never heard of before like Gumbo and Hush Puppies, I presume these are classic american dishes.

In the end we opted to just order a main dish and I am so glad that we did, the portion size was HUGE!  I went for the BBQ Pulled Pork, served in a Brioche Bun and garnished with House Slaw.  It came accompanied by fries, a mini dish of salad items and two Hush Puppies, which by the way are very tasty!  I thought they tasted like cheesy dough balls, but the hubby disagreed and said he thought it was more of a plain bread, we'll beg to differ on that.

Ian opted for The Mexican Burger, a southern fried chicken breast topped with nachos, cheese, salsa and jalapenos.  It was also HUGE, stacked to the max and again accompanied by fries, a small salad pot and 2 hush puppies.

I was defeated in my quest to eat the whole lot, it was just impossible.  Ian pretty much managed to clear his plate.  The restaurant itself has a relaxed vibe about it, it's quite small but I imagine on a weekend it would be a great atmosphere.  It's definitely as they say 'food for the soul'  it's hearty, filling and delicious.  Although the portion sizes are rather large and the food is delicious I did feel (despite everything being sourced locally) that the prices were a little on the expensive side.  We ordered 2 soft drinks each, so 4 in total and it was £9, I had two tins of diet coke and the husband had 2 fresh orange and lemonades.  I was a little shocked at the price of the soft drinks.  Whilst my burger was in the region of £12, which I think is reasonable, Ian's burger was £15, perhaps a little on the pricey side.

Despite the cost, we will definitely return and I would highly recommend this little hot spot to anyone looking to taste some real American food.

Have you been to Maggie's? What's your thoughts

Kirsty x


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