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When it comes to pizza I will never say no.  A week past Sunday I was invited along to Revolution in Aberdeen to try out their new menu, specifically the pizza.  I immediately replied with a big fat yes! Aside from loving pizza I also love Revolution, I think it's probably one of the coolest bars we have in the city, and even more so now since it revamped it's outside terrace.  I always enjoy visiting Revolution, I feel like one of the cool kids and I have to admit that I am also a bit of fan of their cocktail menu too!

I was invited along with a bunch of other local bloggers and vloggers and it was so nice to meet other like minded people.  I met up with Amy from Amybeingmum beforehand, on arrival we were seated and welcomed with a cocktail of our choice.  I decided to start with my favourite Revolution cocktail, the Pornstar Martini.

Revolution have added six new pizza's to their menu and lets just say they aren't your average cheese and tomato offerings.  These new pizza's will definitely open up your taste buds and will more than satisfy your hunger. Revolution provided us (as a group) with 2 of each pizza, and there were loads! 

First to our table was 'the beat goes on' a deliciously thin based pizza topped with artichoke puree, goats cheese, beetroot, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, roasted peppers, basil and parmesan.  My initial thoughts on this was - artichoke puree?  But I am pleased to report that this pizza was delicious, boasting both savoury and sweet flavours. 

Next to the table was the 'fresco', again on a light thin base, topped with cured ham, feta, kalamata olives, fresh smoked mozzarella, balsamic onions, rocket and olive oil.  This Pizza was also really nice, however on a personal note I wouldn't order this for myself as I don't like olives but for someone who is a fan of an olive now and then, this is definitely one for you!  I did try it (picked off the olives) and it was really nice.  I am sure if you asked them nicely they could probably remove the olives for you.

The asian satay chicken pizza and the hot italian pizza (which I didn't picture, I was too busy eating them) were my absolute favourites from the menu.  I love satay chicken so I was sure I'd love it on a pizza too.  The pizza itself was rich in flavour, with warm satay chicken, cucumber and spring onions to finish, it was delicious!  The hot italian was just that ... HOT!  My husband is a hot spice/sauce kinda guy and over the years I have come to enjoy a little spice.  This pizza is the perfect autumn dish to enjoy whilst sitting out on the terrace on a cold autumnal day, with pepperoni, cured ham, peppers and that hot chilli spice, it'll definitely warm you up! I would definitely order one of these over the others. 

I never tried the Margherita, but I imagine it was equally as nice as the others.  The last pizza we had to sample was the lamb baba ganoush.  This pizza is topped with ground lamb, baba ganoush (which is pureed aubergine), rose harrisa ( a hot chilli sauce), fresh mozzarella, feta, creme fresh, coriander and pomegranate.  I have to say that this was not a favourite, again mainly because I am not a fan of lamb.  I did try it for good measure though, it definitely boasted a more fragrant flavour.  It was nice but not one I'd personally order.

Overall I was really impressed with the new pizza menu, I like that Revolution have stepped outside the box on this and have really created pizza's that are different from what's currently on the market.  As a huge pizza fan I can say that I will most definitely be headed for Revolution for my next pizza fix! 

Before clearing up our plates and letting us lose we were offered one last cocktail.  I decided to be a little more adventurous in my choice and I opted for the Fizzy Fruit Salad.  I only picked it because I liked the look of the bottle.  However, it was really delicious, I much prefer fruit cocktails so this was right up my street!

I'd like to thank Revolution for inviting me a long, and also for being different and creative with their menu!  If you are local to Aberdeen then most definitely pop in and give their new menu a try.  The new menu is also available across all of the chains, so even if you aren't in the area just find your nearest and head on in!

Let me know your thoughts on these pizza's, if you have tried them, what's your favourite?

Kirsty x


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